In Bloom

48 Clarendon Place | Glasgow G20 7PZ
Phone: 0141 237 2772

At a glance, Nirvana fandom and veganism maybe don’t sit so well. They may both have travelled from the cultural fringes towards the mainstream centre, the two seem to represent a very different sort of rebellion: Cobain’s angst-filled, flannel clad Grunge offered a disinterested middle finger to the establishment, whilst the green energy of the ethical eating crowd is almost always delivered with a friendly smile.

This little café on Clarendon Place though, proves the two to be kindred spirits beneath their surface differences. Named for the beloved single and decked out in the same hazy blues as the legendary album on which it featured, In Bloom channels the spirit of the band into much more than just the paraphernalia that adorns its cosy room and the flowers that nod both to the name and to the not-to-be-forgotten Unplugged performance. The “Fuck you, I’ll do it myself” attitude that defined Nirvana’s independent, anti-establishment style is hardwired into In Bloom’s order of operations, with everything from the crisps to the coffee, sourced locally and ethically.

There are the triumvirate of myths that vegan establishments sometimes have to face – not cool, not tasty, not cheap. With style in abundance, excellent food and daily deals that get you a full feed for a mere fiver, In Bloom puts paid to all of them.

Every year The Skinny compiles a huge, democratically chosen survey of the best food and drink joints in the region, and this year In Bloom earned a place in two categories: Best Vegetarian and Vegan and Best Cafes. Nice work. For a full run-down of the best places to eat, drink and shop, as voted by our readers, check out our 2019 Food & Drink Survey.

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    In Bloom
    48 Clarendon Place
    Glasgow G20 7PZ

    In Bloom

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