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The Skinny is an independent, creative company that seeks to connect curious readers with interesting artists and events. We aim to offer freedom within your role to work towards our company goals and business vision.

Theatre Editor

Theatre editor

The Skinny is looking for a new Theatre editor to take over commissioning of all theatre-related coverage for our monthly print magazine and website. We need someone with knowledge and opinions about Scottish theatre, particularly in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. We’d like a fluent writer with editing skills who revels in the opportunity to help nurture the talents of a new generation of theatre critics. 

Does this sound like you? If yes, drop us a line at with a CV, a couple of relevant writing samples and a cover letter including some thoughts on what your ideal theatre coverage (features, reviews, events coverage, social media if applicable) would look like in The Skinny. 

Fee: £100 per month flat rate plus per-article payment for writing. 
Expectations: The commissioning expectation is roughly one feature and two reviews per month, with more to be discussed in busier months, particularly August. 
Start: Anticipated start date is mid-late June. 

** Deadline: 9am Monday 30 May **

CONTRIBUTORS (Writers, Illustrators, Photographers)

The Skinny is your magazine: a collaborative effort, it’s put together by people who love their region and its culture, for people who love their region and its culture – and our contributors are known for having something new to say as well as a passion for their areas of expertise.

We are looking for writers, illustrators and photographers on an ongoing basis to help make The Skinny an informed, inspiring, witty and opinionated collection of the voices and talents that makes Scotland such an exciting place to be.

With 35,000+ copies distributed to more than 650 venues, The Skinny gives writers a platform to get their voice heard, and illustrators and photographers an opportunity to showcase their work and build their portfolio.

Pitching to The Skinny: Before you pitch your article ideas, we first recommend reading this pitching guide, which gives clear advice on writing a successful, eye-catching pitch to The Skinny and answers many questions you might have about the process.

If you’re a writer: Please introduce yourself to the relevant section editor – see contact details here – and send them two or three samples of your work.

If you’re an illustrator or photographer: Please email with the subject line 'Contributor: illustrator' or 'Contributor: photographer' and let us know your area of expertise/interest (e.g. perhaps you’re a fashion photographer, or would like to try more live music photography) – and please link us to your portfolio where possible rather than attaching large files.