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The Cineskinny Film Club with MUBI

A still from Yannick. A man in a white fleece top stands up in a theatre.

The Cineskinny Film Club continues with the new film by French surrealist Quentin Dupieux.

Yannick follows the audience member of the title, who stands up in the middle of a terrible play and expresses his displeasure with the production. Naturally, he takes the actors hostage and makes them perform his new and improved version of the play. The result is a delicious satire exploring the nature of art and what we want from it as audience members, plus a deeply satisfying piece of wish fulfilment for anyone who’s had to sit through a honking piece of theatre.

The latest film from the incredibly prolific Dupieux – his fifth of the decade so far – is another quick-fire slice of absurdism from the man who brought us Deerskin (a man is possessed by a haunted leather jacket), Mandibles (two pals find a giant fly in their car, try to train it), and Smoking Causes Coughing (anti-tobacco vigilantes go for a weekend away, chaos ensues).

We're chuffed to team up with MUBI once again, and will be screeningYannick for free as part of The CineSkinny Film Club.

Want to join us for Yannick? RSVPs open on Thu 29 Feb (max two per person, full details at the Eventbrite links)

Summerhall, Edinburgh, Tue 2 Apr at 7pm – sign up here; CCA, Glasgow, Wed 3 Apr at 7pm – sign up here

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