The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2019: Best Cafes

Your favourite cafes and coffee shops are a mixture of veggie-friendly homeliness, high-end coffee, and places to get really good scones

Feature by Peter Simpson | 09 Jan 2019

Your favourite cafes are an interesting bunch, with a good amount of variety in both what they do and how they do it. For the Glasgow winners, we'll begin our round-up on Clarendon Place. In Bloom takes the not-oft-trodden path of 'Nirvana-inspired veggie cafe', but pulls it off pretty impressively. Be ready for tasty vegan grub, a Nevermind-inspired exterior colour scheme, and some lovely chilled vibes. Over in the West End, Kaf Coffee on Hyndland Street is a gimmick-free zone, sticking to the things we really like in a cafe – a nice ambience, delicious coffee, and a catchy name that sounds cool when we mention it to our pals. Jaunt across Hillhead and you'll find Comet Pieces on Queen Margaret Drive, a bustling neighbourhood takeaway serving up a fantastical mix of cafe classics and some extremely intriguing new ideas. 

Out in Mount Florida, you'll find the much buzzed-about MalaCarne, a veggie spot that provokes extremely enthusiastic recommendations from all those who come across it, while back in the city centre they're joined by 2018 Food and Drink Survey faves Primal Roast on St Vincent St, the cafe which combines 'clean-eating' with a menu that doesn't think twice about including hash browns and cakes. No wonder they're popular.

Over in Edinburgh, you were fans of the Rose Theatre Cafe for its 'hidden away from the terrors of Princes St' vibe and simple but delicious menu. You also liked Roots round the corner on William Street for its commitment to nicely-made lunches packed with lovely ingredients. And further up the road, Tasty Buns on Bread St is just one of a clutch of very very good cafes either side of Lothian Road. TB's regular Sconefest days are a chance to try some truly outlandish flavour combinations in easily-smashable form, and their sweet treats follow the same formula of putting many delicious things together in one place then encouraging you to snarf it all down.