Tell Us About Your Event!

Our listings are manually curated for space and time reasons, as well as editorial considerations, and there's no guarantee that any info submitted will be used in print or online. Inclusions are at the discretion of our Listings Editor, and the deadline for consideration is the 15th of the month prior to publication (eg 15 Jul for Aug, 15 Sep for Oct etc etc)

As of December 2022, we are no longer accepting individual event submissions for our Listings pages, as it has become increasingly impractical to keep on top of the large number submitted each month. We are instead moving to a model where we list regularly from specific venues and organisations across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.

If you're an artist with an upcoming event please do check our previous issues for venues we list, as your event might already be covered! If not, please feel free to send over details of your event to our events editor Anahit Behrooz for consideration in our monthly Heads Up events calendar, and our weekly Zap! events newsletter. Please bear in mind that we cannot cover everything or respond to every email.

If you are a venue or organisation who is keen to have your events listed regularly, please email our events editor and she will get back to you as soon as possible. The best way to submit events as a venue or organisation is through our spreadsheet, downloadable at this link.

Here are instructions for filling it out the spreadsheet:
- ‘Event Name’: The title of the show, or the headline act for music
- ‘Performer’: Use this field for support acts ONLY with + in between each one
- Short description is a caption describing the event in under 200 characters.
         - For music, it's in the format Genre from Place, e.g. Indie from Glasgow.
         - For clubs it is simply genre, e.g. House, techno and bass.
- Venue name should match the name as listed in your venue profile on The Skinny website. If you cannot find your venue please get in touch.
- Leave all the price columns blank.
- Start and end date in YYYY-MM-DD format, time in 24 hour clock with a colon, i.e. 19:00.
- Category is one of the following: Music, Clubs, Comedy, Theatre or Art (not Gigs, not Club etc). Please only put one!