Thirteen Records

13 Union Street | Dundee DD1 4BN
Phone: 01382 227887

When Groucho’s Records closed its doors for good last year, many music lovers mourned the loss of this Dundee cultural institution. Memories for generations of Dundonians over the years (including myself) were fostered there and the store was even a firm favourite stop-off visit of Johnny Marr’s.

Groucho’s’ late owner Alistair ‘Breeks’ Brodie fully embodied the ethos of the store – his passion for music and the local community shining brighter than most. With his passing though, the inevitability of closure loomed ever closer. But his loyal staff did much more than just accept this fate.

Instead, they opened Thirteen Records. And with a renewed cultural focus on Dundee and vast record store experience on their side, Thirteen Records may just become a new musical mecca in the ‘City of Discovery’.

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    Thirteen Records
    13 Union Street
    Dundee DD1 4BN

    Thirteen Records

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