Verdant Works

West Henderson's Wynd | Dundee DD1 5BT
Phone: 01382 309 060

With a new spotlight currently focused on Dundee’s waterfront and the acclaimed V&A museum, Verdant Works offers a deeper delve into the city’s world-renowned industrial textile heritage off the beaten track of the city centre.

Located on West Henderson’s Wynd, the beautifully restored jute mill provides an authentic, atmospheric setting, allowing viewers to envision how the mill workers lived and worked in an industry which enveloped Dundee and also how their work helped the city to become known as ‘Juteopolis’ for its pivotal role in the jute industry.

Having won numerous awards over recent years, the museum hosts an array of original artefacts from its heyday over 150 years ago – including an 1801 Boulton & Watt beam engine – whilst also offering activities for families to enjoy in their learning hubs, making the attraction ideal for a family day out or alone for quieter viewing. What’s more, the museum also houses a gift shop and a café, where you can enjoy a well-earned slice of Dundee cake.

From the cobbled 19th century courtyard to the viewing platforms which display the stunning mill architecture in all its glory, Verdant Works is somewhat of a hidden gem that brings the city’s illustrious past in the jute industry to life in the 21st century.


Verdant Works
West Henderson's Wynd
Dundee DD1 5BT

Verdant Works

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