369 Sauchiehall Street | Glasgow G2 3HU
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Some things are better in moderation. Those things are not chicken wings. That’s why bars offer promos for crazy numbers of them at low prices, quoting you the per-wing cost so you can revel in how many you can afford. That’s why fast food joints serve them in actual buckets. Two is a good number of wings for a chicken. Twenty is good for a person.

Wingerz on Sauchiehall Street understands this. They understand the importance of wings. In fact, they’ve opened a whole restaurant just for them. The menu is simple. First, you pick how many you want. Then those of you who didn’t pick the largest number available are asked, politely but firmly, to leave. Then you choose to have them Grilled, Fried or Breaded Fried. And then you pick your sauce. And that’s the part that will have you coming back for more to work through the menu.

Canadian Maple, Thai Sweet Chilli, Blue Cheese, Buttermilk, Chipotle Mayo and Jamaican Jerk. There’s a plate for every palate, and a wide range of sides – from Jollof Rice to Piri Piri Chips and Plantain – to round them out. With the whole thing coming in at a more than reasonable price, this might be where you live now.

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    369 Sauchiehall Street
    Glasgow G2 3HU


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