Six by Nico

1132 Argyle Street | Glasgow G3 8TD
Phone: 0141 334 5661

Chef Nico Simeone is moslty known for his Kelvinside venture 111 by Nico, which combined a high end restaurant with a top class culinary academy that explicitly sought out those who have lacked for opportunities in life and gave them a chane to build something for themselves. Give a man a fish and you’ve fed him for a day, teach a man how to expertly fry that fish and also what should accompany it and how all of these things should be prepared and what the kind of presentation he should go for, and you’ve fed him for life.

Nico and his team then turned their sites to Finnieston, an area fast becoming the gastronomical heart of Glasgow, with their new project Six by Nico.  The Argyle Street restaurant looks to set itself apart by transforming every six weeks to provide a new six course menu based around a specific theme. Having previously tackled “The Chippie” and “Childhood”, Nico’s concoctions provide haute cuisine spins on local favourites – your chips and cheese morphs into a potato cannelloni with crowdie mousse while your fish fingers are made from sea trout. It’s basically like the final Pokemon evolution of all your favourite foods.

The dishes all have a fun, winking quality to them, ostentatiously fine cuisine that nods to the simpler fare you'd never imagine ordering in a chic restaurant. The sense of humour offsets the potential for pretention that comes with a "concept restaurant" and the result is somewhere you can return to time and again with the guarentee that each visit will be wildly different and uniformly excellent.

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    Six by Nico
    1132 Argyle Street
    Glasgow G3 8TD

    Six by Nico

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    Phone: 0141 334 5661