1116 Argyle Street | Glasgow G3 8TD
Phone: 0141 334 0761

Starting out as a pop-up back in 2012, Rioja is now a must-visit destination on Finnieston’s ever-expanding food strip. With gourmet joints and haute cuisine surrounding it on both sides, the Argyle Street restaurant has fought for its place in the most competitive culinary environment in the city and come out unscathed, proudly boasting the best tapas in town.

Working with a mixture of Scottish and Spanish produce, Rioja’s small plates offer an inventive array of dishes of every description, providing an authentic taste of Spain’s rich and varied food culture. Refusing to rest on their laurels for even a moment, each new month seems to bring some new twist, with menus inspired by a specific region or curated by a Michelin star guest chef to mix things up.

The desire to bring the best of Spain to Scotland’s West End shines through each of these decisions and extends to the restaurant itself – the rustic, woody vibe and deep orange light makes the whole place feel like it was transported straight from Madrid, with only the weather outside to break the illusion.

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    1116 Argyle Street
    Glasgow G3 8TD


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    Phone: 0141 334 0761