741 Pollokshaws Road | Glasgow G41 2AA
Phone: 0141 423 3328

Walking in through the bright blue of Marchtown’s storefront can be a little disorientating. The Pollokshaws Road shop looks kind of like a snug, tasteful wine bar where someone went a little nuts with the ordering and the management just sort of went with it and hired an organisational stock genius to Tetris the mammoth store of bottles into every conceivable crevice of the shop. Or like an Oddbins ate a café, but like tastefully.

It’s no surprise then that much of Marchtown’s online presence is devoted to the question “What is Marchtown?” The answer, in short, it’s a specialist wine store-cum-licensed café/ events space. Simple.  

In more informative short, Marchtown is a place devoted to quality and its appreciation. Housing a myriad of expertly selected wines, an ever changing lineup of craft beers and an enticing spirit selection, its tweets are basically a daily “ooh, how about this one?”. For anyone with a  lvoe of the finer things, being there in person offers a true kid-in-a-candy-store sensation.

It also comes equipped with a set of well-informed staff, sort of booze librarians, to help guide you through the intricacies of the drinking world’s top tier. Gin tastings, wine tastings, beer tastings – tastings off all varieties to leave you with a list of personal favourites and an accomplished arsenal of drinky jargon to explain exactly why you love them so.

For its café menu, the Marchtown team have designed a share-centric selection of carefully chosen cheeses, charcuterie, and antipasti to accompany the liquid finery you’ll be consuming alongside them.

On top of its determination to provide excellence and education in the art of food and drink, Marchtown is also designed to serve as a communal hub with a busy calendar of events like flower arranging, jewellery making and all kinds fun oddities for Southside locals to congregate over before settling down with a glass of something fine.


741 Pollokshaws Road
Glasgow G41 2AA


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Phone: 0141 423 3328