758 Pollockshaws Road | Glasgow G41 2AE
Phone: 0141 258 2949

Gnom is the long-awaited bricks and mortar home of street food favourites Chompsky. Often seen parked at festivals across Glasgow, their iconic food truck painted in psychedelic underwater colours became an emblem of great street food in the city. But there are limitations to working out of a truck, and their new Strathbungo premises has given Gnom the space to take things up a notch with a little more room to flex those culinary muscles.

The menu is small but perfectly formed, with bold flavours. Local seasonal ingredients are fused with Middle Eastern and Asian spice blends to create really interesting dishes. Fans of Chompsky’s road menu will be happy to hear that the Baos are still holding firm, with oyster mushroom and crispy pork belly varieties (both topped with a fried egg) on offer.

Presentation isn’t a particular priority when you’re operating from a truck with disposable crockery, and there have been big changes in that regard. Meals are now artfully arranged and seriously photogenic – truly Instagram-worthy. One of the biggest word-of-mouth successes from the menu are the french toast ice cream sandwiches, which are just as delicious as they sound. Gnom gnom.

Every year, The Skinny holds a Food & Drink Survey, where we give you the opportunity to vote for the best restaurants, pubs and cafes in town. Gnom earned a spot in our 2019 survey in the Best New Place category.

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    758 Pollockshaws Road
    Glasgow G41 2AE


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