The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2019: Best New Places

We break down your favourite new places from the past 12 months, and look at what sets each of them apart

Feature by Peter Simpson | 07 Jan 2019

Comet Pieces

Whereabouts? 150 Queen Margaret Dr, Glasgow
Since when? February
What do they do? Sandwiches. Big, glorious, outlandish sandwiches packed to the gunnels with exciting ingredients and combinations. Want a bacon roll? They'll do you a good one. Want a coffee-cured slow-cooked brisket sandwich on gluten-free bread? It's also an option. Basically, if it's good and will fit between bread, it's up for discussion.


Whereabouts? 758 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow
Since when? March, but the guys behind Gnom have been around a while; their Chompsky food truck was key in the development of Glasgow's food and drink scene, and they've been popping up around the place for ages.
What do they do? A little bit of everything, really. Their menu runs across a host of influences and styles, and the results come in the form of paneer-stuffed roti, French toast ice cream sandwiches and bao buns stuffed with breakfast ingredients. Essentially, it's what you always dream you'll do on a Saturday morning before realising you don't have the ingredients or knowhow. Gnom have you covered.

El Perro Negro

Whereabouts? 966 Argyle St, Glasgow
Since when? EPN have been on the scene for years, but this new space – complete with its own doors and windows – opened its doors in April.
What do they do? Burgers. The kind of extremely meaty, fatty burgers that Samuel L. Jackson went on about in that film with all the guns; the sort of burgers that provoke evangelical responses from those who come across them. They also do tofu and fried chicken, but really this is about the red meat. Sit down with the Top Dog – topped with bone marrow and roquefort butter, black truffle mayo and loads of bacon – and roll yourself out the door at the end.


Whereabouts? 10 Claremont St, Glasgow 
Since when? April
What do they do? An array of South Asian-inspired dishes ideal for sharing with the buds. Intriguing curries, multiple kinds of on-the-bone-chicken, loads of exciting veggie options, bags of spice and a cocktail list that features the words 'pandan paint' and 'mandarin broth'. How do you make mandarin broth? We have no idea, but are more than willing to go and check it out. Yes to all of this.

Five March

Whereabouts? 140 Elderslie St, Glasgow
Since when? Despite having a month in their name, they actually opened in May. 
What do they do? The kind of lovingly-prepared plates that are best explained through non-sequitur lists of ingredients and aesthetically-pleasing photography. 'Sumac squash, greens, leek, goats cheese, walnut & kale pesto' makes our sarcastic side want to point out that a leek is green, but then our culinary brain kicks in to say that actually that sounds like a delightful collection of things to put together and we'd very much like to eat it, munch munch munch. Throw in the fact that Five March do a 'three plates for £10' lunch and we're fully on board. Our tenner's in the post, folks, we'll be along shortly.

Bross Bagels

Whereabouts? 105 Leith Walk, Edinburgh
Since when? As an entity, Bross has been on the go since 2017, but this new Leith branch threw open its doors in June so we're willing to allow it.
What do they do? Bagels, mainly. The Leith shop features the main Bross bakery, so you're greeted by the sounds, sights and smells of bagels whistling around on chutes and shedding sesame seeds everywhere. The fillings are more diverse than at Bross 1.0, with more veggie and vegan options, and there's also a takeaway hatch with the comical title of 'Late Night Bagel Hole'. Come for the delicious bready treats; stay for the puerile sniggering. 

83 Hanover Street

Whereabouts? Clue's in the title on this one. This is not a cruel prank; this venue really is at 83 Hanover Street, Edinburgh.
Since when? August. We know what you're thinking, 'Something new, in August, in Edinburgh?' We were as shocked as you.
What do they do? Put a Chilean spin on Scottish produce, they say. What this means is zingy preparations of local fish, specially prepared meats and charcuterie from East Coast Cured, plus loads and loads of delicious wine and some nicely decadent puddings. 

The Brunch Club

Whereabouts? 67 Old Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow
Since when? August
What do they do? Again, this is not a trick question – The Brunch Club focuses on brunchable cuisine. That means bowls (with yoghurt and porridge in them), toast (French, sourdough, with eggs on), and big ol' breakfasts. A refreshingly mixed bag of breakfasts at that – eggs with harissa smoked salmon sits alongside fried chicken with waffles, and that's just a few paragraphs away from a full vegan offering. Ideal for those mornings when you just can't face digging your good pans out of the back of the cupboard.


Whereabouts? 142 Duke St, Edinburgh
Since when? August, yet again. It's as if there's something that happens around that time that focuses the hospitality trade... never mind, we'll deal with that another time.
What do they do? This latest venture from the guys behind Hoot the Redeemer and Panda & Sons is another well-put-together cocktail bar, this time down in the heart of Leith. Inside, there's lovely wood panelling and comfy chairs all over the place, and behind the bar are a truly impressive array of spirits and staff who know exactly what they're doing with them. Also, and this seems like a minor point, but the bartenders' aprons are extremely cool. That's the kind of attention to detail we're 'here for', as the youth say. 

Rose Theatre Cafe

Whereabouts? We're sure you can work it out; just take 'cafe' off the end and... there we go! It's in the newly-refurbished Rose Theatre at 204 Rose Street in the heart of Edinburgh.
Since when? Take a guess. Go on, bet you get it right... you are correct, this is Edinburgh, so of course it was in August.
What do they do? A solid range of cafe snacks and treats. Expect tasty coffee from local roasters Machina Espresso, a variety of delicious things on toast, and an intriguing selection of sweet and savoury treats.