Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Trongate 103 | Glasgow G1 5HD
Phone: 0141 552 7080

A true oddity located in the heart of Trongate, Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is the brainchild of one Eduard Bersudsky, a sculptor-mechanic from Russia. In 1989 he founded the theatre in St. Petersburg along with theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya, before moving the operation to Glasgow in 1996. Inside lies a bizarre carnival of delights – an unrivalled collection of motorised sculptures, forged from scrap metal, and brought to life in sync with an irreducibly haunting mixture of music and light.

Performances take place Wednesday through Sunday, with a shorter forty-five minute show at 3pm on all five days, and the full seventy minute show taking place at 7pm on Thursday and Sunday. The sculptures themselves, a mix of leering figures, knowing creatures and absurd machinery are a celebration of ‘the human spirit as it struggles against the relentless circles of life and death’. A feast for the senses, and one that can only be experienced in person.

Check out the website for an up-to-date programme of show times.


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    Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre
    Trongate 103
    Glasgow G1 5HD

    Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

    Phone: 0141 552 7080