Good Press

5 St. Margaret's Place | Glasgow G1 5JY
Phone: 0141 258 7659

Run by a group of artists, designers, publishers and facilitators, Good Press is a gallery and bookshop combined. A company who, in their own words are "focused towards providing a space for the production, sale, promotion and dissemination of independent publishing of all forms", they're also pretty unique.

Good Press opened in 2011, originally housed in Mono before more recently moving to new premises on St. Margaret's Place. By specialising in art-zines produced by their own publishing house, and numerous others from around the globe, Good Press effectively make original works of art available to everyone. Much of the work is playful, fun, challenging, and reminiscent of a punk or hardcore mentality that insists on a distinctly DIY attitude. The shop also regularly ships in new stock, courtesy of its owners' shared enthusiasm for the interesting and new. Even those who don't consider themselves zine-connoisseurs can be eased into the inky wonderland of Good Press by browsing their quirky miscellany of totes, prints and cassette mixtapes.

The gallery space is a welcome addition to Glasgow's cultural treasure map, and has continually hosted exhibitions since its opening. Good Press also have a great habit of throwing free parties to help draw attention to their exhibitions, which in the past has seen them collaborate with various locally-based talent to help them out. 

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    Good Press
    5 St. Margaret's Place
    Glasgow G1 5JY

    Good Press

    Opening Hours:
    Tues: 11:00 - 18:00
    Wed: 11:00 - 18:00
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    Phone: 0141 258 7659