Monorail Records

12 Kings Court | Glasgow G1 5RB
Phone: 0141 552 9458

Tucked away in the corner of Glasgow's vegan fortress that is Mono, Monorail is a fiercely independent record store with a particular devotion to vinyl. As well as carrying new releases, Monorail stock an extensive selection of rarities, oddities and reissues to cater for even the most eclectic tastes.

The second-hand section is also very decent, but don’t be fooled – innocent though the prices may seem, they can quickly clear out your wallet once you’ve picked out a few. Monorail also stocks releases from local talent which you won't find outside of the band's own shows, and sells tickets to a number of different events, including DIY-based gigs in Glasgow.

Monorail adds a pleasant, unique dimension to what is already a thoroughly likeable venue. And, more than anything, it's great being able to walk in and leaf through the various treasures while you wait for your food/friends to show up.

Once upon a time it was snuggled up alongside Good Press gallery before they moved premises to St. Margaret's Place, so it made for quite the seamless retail therapy experience. Yet, even after the loss of its Good Press limb, this wee hub remains well worth your time.

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    Monorail Records
    12 Kings Court
    Glasgow G1 5RB

    Monorail Records

    Phone: 0141 552 9458