The Dirty Duchess

1038 Argyle Street | Glasgow G3 8LX
Phone: 0141 237 5020

When the folks at The Duchess of Argyle found that their West End bar wasn’t jumping the way they wanted it to be, they realised that the solution was staring them in the face – this duchess needs to be dirtier. And lo, The Dirty Duchess was born.

Abandoning their Mexican vibes, the new Duchess gives the keys to the kitchen over to some of Glasgow’s finest street food vendors. Given Scotland’s thriving pop-up scene, this tactical masterstroke basically means you can enjoy some of the best food in town in the comfort of a cosy Finnieston bar rather than outside in the rain. (It is always raining here, even when it’s not. I know it seems sunny outside. Look closer. See? Sneaky, sneaky rain.)

With the kitchen in capable hands, Kained Holdings have teamed up with East Kilbride bar maestros Badaboom Bars to ensure the libations are of the finest quality and flowing freely. With some especially excellent promos running Sunday-Wednesday, the Duchess’ Dirty re-shuffle seems like it was just the thing.

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    The Dirty Duchess
    1038 Argyle Street
    Glasgow G3 8LX

    The Dirty Duchess

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