The Brass Monkey

1004 Argyle Street | Glasgow G3 8LZ
Phone: 0141 243 2170

Okay, fine, make the jokes. I know you want to. We’re in Glasgow. It’s often chilly. The Bar is called Brass Monkey. C’mon, don’t get embarrassed now. Just commit. You’re going to get to say “balls” in a minute, it’ll be great. We’ll laugh and laugh. Done? Ace.

Acting as the pointy end of Finnieston’s food strip, The Brass Monkey marks the border between the hipster hub and the city centre by offering something that feels like a little of both. There’s no culinary experimentation or haute cuisine to be found, nor the self-consciously upmarket sensibilities of the area’s high end joints. But it also errs away from the volume over quality approach that many centre joints take to both their booze and music; instead, The Brass Monkey offers a cool hangout to grab a good drink in, with a laid back but lively atmosphere.

At weekends you’ll find a party bar with a good vibe, the snug space packed out and everyone piling into the beer garden as folks unwind after a long week and rev up for the night ahead. Through the week it’s got a quieter feel, ideal for a few after-work pints in a cosy corner booth. Like all the best bars, it moves between these two atmospheres seamlessly.

Having established itself as the launching point for Hydro gig-goers, you’ll regularly find both the playlist and the cocktail menu tailored to the concert in question, creating the perfect pre-party atmosphere. And when the rich and famous aren't gracing us with their presence, the wide range of premium pints and well-selected wines and spirits on the go make it a great place to start or end a night.

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    The Brass Monkey
    1004 Argyle Street
    Glasgow G3 8LZ

    The Brass Monkey

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    Phone: 0141 243 2170
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