304 Duke Street | Glasgow G31 1RZ
Phone: 0141 572 5664

The arrival of Redmond’s back in 2014 was a signal, a triumphant trumpet blast of change to come as a gentrification army of hipsters, hippies and gastro-nerds made their first strike into the a territory once thought uninhabitable for their gentle souls and sculpted beards. Or maybe more a moment of realisation than transformation – the simple fact that establishments like Duke Street’s Coia Café or the parade’s Celino’s have been brimming with life for years makes it clear that an interest in good food and drink does not die East of High Street. Either way, Redmond’s stands as one of the most prominent symbols of Dennistoun’s studenty-chic new style.

Its light-wooded space makes the transition easily between a bright and cheery lunchtime to a warm, snug evening vibe and there’s no hour on the clock which its ever-changing array of craft beers and internationally influenced menu can't cater for.

The staff are always crazy friendly, deeply knowledgeable and deftly in control of the top quality tunes. Always. And that’s probably partly just because they happen to be swell, hard-working, good at their job types of folk. But it’s also probably partly because Redmond’s, in an industry renowned for screwing over its employees, insists on paying a living wage and cutting its workers in on the profits.

Millennial values to go with its modern style.  


304 Duke Street
Glasgow G31 1RZ


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Phone: 0141 572 5664
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