Panther Milk Bar

Within Tabac Restaurant (Follow Neon Sign) | Glasgow G1 3NU
Phone: 0141 572 1448

Open exclusively on Friday and Saturday nights between 9pm and midnight, and accessible only by following the neon sign through a fire exit within sister bar/restaurant Tabac down Mitchell Lane, Panther Milk Bar simply oozes urban cool.

Inspired by the legendary Spanish drink known as ‘Leche de Pantera’, this dive bar’s signature tipple is an infamous blend of condensed milk, rum, gin, Cointreau, peppermint and cinnamon; a moreish concoction for those brave enough to ‘unleash the beast’.

Be sure to ask a member of staff for the story behind the drink; half the experience is moving the furniture around like tetris in the small space till everyone's comfy and listening to the story of panther milk by candlelight, feeling like a bunch of Catalan socialists.

Flavours of milk include vanilla, mint, strawberry and coffee. You're looking to part with roughly twenty quid for a bottle, but it's pretty strong stuff and one bottle is recommended per three people, plus it tastes magnificent.

As the brainchild of two men behind some of Glasgow’s most popular venues – former Sub Club owner Paul Crawford and Fergus McVicar, owner of Chinaski’s and Berkeley Suite – it’s no great surprise that the bar has garnered an avid following, with its underground DJ sets, shabby-chic Parisian decor and an elevator for a bar. 

Phoning ahead to book a table is advisable since, to maintain the candlelit ambience of side street Barcelona, the bar only holds around thirty people and, as the perfect pre-drinks setting, seats are high in demand.

Viva Leche De Pantera!

[Rosie McKean]

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    Panther Milk Bar
    Within Tabac Restaurant (Follow Neon Sign)
    Glasgow G1 3NU

    Panther Milk Bar

    Opening Hours:
    Fri: 21.00 - 00.00
    Sat: 21.00 - 00.00

    Phone: 0141 572 1448
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