10 Mitchell Lane | Glasgow G1 3NU
Phone: 0141 572 1448

The neon sign which hangs above the massive street-facing window reads ‘PLEASE GOD MAKE TOMORROW BETTER’. This is a plea which captures the essence of this city centre bar, a cosy yet contemporary watering hole popular with weekend and weeknight revellers alike. 

With an array of disco balls casting a soft glow on the gothic-inspired decor, the ambience verges on sensual. Attention to detail lends a distinctive charm; one fixture to look out for is the old school and rather dainty cigarette machine with fish tank inside which adorns one wall.

With access to sister bar Panther Milk through a fire exit in the back, Tabac has a variety of drinks on offer ranging from craft beer to twists on classic cocktails such as a rather inspired Auld Fashioned consisting of Bulleit Rye, Agave Nectar, a dash of Angostura and Bittermens Hellfire Habanero shrub (definitely one to order sober, try saying it fast). 

The menu is boldly eclectic, with Middle Eastern, Asian and British-European influences inspiring some inventively flavoursome fusions. The menu is divided into two parts for mains, ‘Small’ and ‘Large’, with the former coming in at roughly £6 and the latter at £12 - £14. 

Some examples of the foodie daydreams on offer include a small dish of deep fried lamb ribs with dukkah, buttermilk, dates and pomegranate or for a real stomach-filler try the crispy whole fish with nam prik dressing, tamarind and asian slaw. If you find yourself out of your culinary comfort zone, you can’t go wrong with the pork and apples, cheeseburger or rhubarb and custard dessert; a stylish execution of homegrown favourites. 

[Rosie McKean]

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    10 Mitchell Lane
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