People's Palace

Glasgow Green | Glasgow G40 1AT
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Glasgow’s oldest public space is an appropriate setting for the stately People’s Palace, a museum essentially dedicated to telling the story of Glasgow-as-community. The large, pleasing collection of Weegie regalia explores a 260-year history, shining a light on everything from cultural institutions like the Barrowlands Ballroom and ‘a trip to the steamie’, to lesser known chapters in Glasgow’s history – including a particularly emotional homage to Glasgow’s participation in the international brigades of the late 30s.

Opened in 1898 in an effort to provide some form of cultural relief for a severely overcrowded East-end, the People’s Palace retains some of the inclusive (if not slightly patronising) spirit that first led to its creation. The two-floor red sandstone building itself is stunning, with all the charm of a tenement block, and also houses the equally grand Winter Gardens conservatory, whose café is one of the finest people-watching spots in the city.


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    People's Palace
    Glasgow Green
    Glasgow G40 1AT

    People's Palace

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