Probe Records

Unit 1 | Liverpool L1 3BX
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Probe’s renaissance since moving to The Bluecoat also came about at the same time as the return in the popularity of vinyl. Not that they really needed it, as Probe has always been Liverpool’s go-to shop for all things indie, punk, psych and underground. Over the shop’s 40 year history, Probe has moved between four locations, but it has always remained strong through the rise (and fall?) of CDs and downloads. It set out to stock records that nobody else wanted to sell, but everybody wanted to buy, and has continued to stock releases by the latest upcoming talent as well as old rarities and original pressings of rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and folk, fuelling Liverpool's music lovers. With years of experience selling music, Probe’s staff are always willing to make a recommendation or two. The owners also nurtured some of Liverpool’s burgeoning musical talent of the ‘80s through their own record label, Probe Plus. [Charlotte Davies] 


Probe Records
Unit 1
Liverpool L1 3BX

Probe Records

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Phone: 0151 708 8815