Chamber 36

45-49 Berry Street | Liverpool L1 9DF
Phone: 01517087658

Situated on the cusp of Chinatown and the latest addition to Liverpool’s flourishing Berry Street is Chamber 36, part Chinese tea house, part cocktail bar and restaurant. 

Its name derives from the ancient traditions of the Shaolin monks, who would pass through 35 chambers in search of total unity for the body, mind and soul before reaching the 36th chamber: a point of inner harmony and peace. 

There’s cocktails aplenty and a rather extensive range of tea sourced straight from China. The food menu offers a selection of tasty Chinese street food staples including dim sum dishes, baos (that’s steamed buns filled with meat or vegetables to you and me) and an impressive ‘Chamber Grill’ section.

The décor is sleek and minimalistic; greys and metallic run throughout with subtle glows of colour emerging from the bar, and tables are intricately decorated with a simple Chinese orchid. Take your pick from an open table or take to one of the secluded booths for a more cosy night out.

Smack bang in the centre of the weekend nightlife, Chamber 36’s neighbours include Red Door, The Rack and Dollar, Berry & Rye and TriBeCa, to name a few, so come here and you’re on the road to a very successful bar crawl.

[Megan Walsh]

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    Chamber 36
    45-49 Berry Street
    Liverpool L1 9DF

    Chamber 36

    Phone: 01517087658
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