Victoria Gallery and Museum

Ashton Street | Liverpool L69 3DR
Phone: 0151 794 2348

The Victoria Gallery and Museum is the University of Liverpool's original redbrick building and now offers a fascinating insight into the University's 120 year history. Half gallery, half museum, even the building itself is an impressive sight to see. 

Head upstairs and you'll find a collection of siderooms all dedicated to their own exhibits. This is the gallery area. Then on the top floor of the building you'll find the museum space, which houses a wide variety of intriguing exhibits from one of the most important collections of false teeth in the world to early x-rays, fossils and skeletons. Natural light is kept to a minimum here to protect the exhibits and in addition to the museum's permanent displays, you'll also find some more temporary ones (which is a good excuse to come back a second time to see what's new).

Break up your visit with a coffee or a bite to eat in the Waterhouse Cafe which is located in the museum's lobby and lets you really take in the museum's opulent surroundings. Located just opposite the Liverpool Guild of Students on Brownlow Hill, the Victoria Gallery and Museum is just a short walk from Liverpool Lime Street station and the centre of town, and is easy to find for those not familiar with the city. [Laura Maclean]

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    Victoria Gallery and Museum
    Ashton Street
    Liverpool L69 3DR

    Victoria Gallery and Museum

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    Phone: 0151 794 2348