Rola Wala

Trinity Kitchen | Leeds LS1 5AY
Phone: 0113 243 6430

The result of a budding chef’s journey across India - a trip which took him through the backstreets of Kolkata, the beaches of Bombay and the rivers of Kerala - in April 2014, Rola Wala popped up for a month long residency at Trinity Kitchen. Proving popular enough to compete with the permanent food stalls there, just five months later they moved in for good.

With it’s name meaning ‘the man that rolls’ in Hindi, team Rola Wala’s kitchen brings that vibrant zing of indian street food to the famished city goers of Leeds. We’re not talking the deep fried stuff - but naan bread wraps filled with charred paneer, lentil gobi, chicken tikka or goan pork - all combining fresh, aromatic, wholesome ingredients that’ll satisfy every inch of your appetite without leaving you tired and bloated.

And if their grub still doesn’t leave you feeling good enough - their One Feeds Two programme - which means they’ll provide a school meal to a child living in poverty for every wrap they sell - is a bonus.


Rola Wala
Trinity Kitchen
Leeds LS1 5AY

Rola Wala

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11:00 - 20:00
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Phone: 0113 243 6430