Leeds University Student Union

Lifton Place | Leeds LS2 9JZ
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The University of Leeds boasts three venues: Stylus, Pulse and Mine. Located in the large basement area of Leeds University Student Union, Stylus offers an astonishing range of music and gigs to the massive Leeds student population. The endearingly studenty dark crumbly walls present a sprawling yet intimate landscape for acts as broad ranging as James Blake and Flogging Molly, through to club nights such as the recently moved Propaganda and notoriously messy student night Fruity.

With a fairly large capacity, the multi-level room strikes a sharp contrast to the rest of the Union building, and as you wander down winding stairs and dark corridors you can’t help but feel that you’ve stumbled through a hidden doorway to a different building.

Nevertheless, with a superb collection of bands and club nights throughout the year, it’s easy (though inadvisable) to see why so many students just stick to their University offerings. It's a good place to start the night, whether you're a Leeds student or not. [Edy Hurst]


Leeds University Student Union
Lifton Place
Leeds LS2 9JZ

Leeds University Student Union

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Phone: 0113 3801 400
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