Cottage Road Cinema

Cottage Road | Leeds LS6 4DD
Phone: 0113 2751 606

One of the oldest cinemas in the country, Cottage Road Cinema has been lighting up its single silver screen since 1912.

Situated just off of Otley Road opposite the New Inn, the cinema is run by owners Northern Morris, who own simiar places across Yorkshire and Cumbria in Skipton, Keighley and Ealland. The group saved it from meeting the same fate as the nearby Lounge Cinema that closed back in 2005, making it part of one of the few independently owned cinema chains remaining in the country.

Their programme offers an eclectic selection of screenings – with independent films, world cinema, Hollywood classics and the latest blockbusters shown here all year round.

Adults can buy tickets for £7 and students for £5 for any screenings before 5pm. There are also wines, beers and ciders available from the counter to help make your cinema experience all the more enjoyable.

The opening times are dependent on screenings, which are availble on their website.

[Dan Fielding]


Cottage Road Cinema
Cottage Road
Leeds LS6 4DD

Cottage Road Cinema

Phone: 0113 2751 606