Yorkshire Sculpture Park

West Bretton | Leeds WF4 4LG
Phone: 01924 832631

A short trip from Wakefield city centre finds the country’s leading outdoor gallery for modern sculpture in the form of Yorkshire Sculpture Park – though such a strong art presence should hardly prove surprising, given that we're talking about the county that brought us modernist sculptural giants Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park makes up one corner of the famed ‘Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle,’ and is a must see. The vast park and its several galleries contain art from some of the world’s most recognisable figures; great for those interested in the cultural history of Yorkshire, contemporary art, or those who simply fancy a trip outside of the city. And best of all? Like most of the arts institutions in and around Leeds – it’s completely free (car parking tariffs apply). [Edy Hurst] 

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    Yorkshire Sculpture Park
    West Bretton
    Leeds WF4 4LG

    Yorkshire Sculpture Park

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    Phone: 01924 832631
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