Hanoi Bike Shop

8 Ruthven Lane | Glasgow
Phone: 0141 334 7165

West-end residents will have no doubt noticed the sorry-looking bikes chained up around Kelvingrove, fitted with billboards advertising the Hanoi Bike Shop. As the encroaching rust might suggest, these are not promoting some clapped-out garage you can grease up your fixie at, but rather Glasgow’s first ‘Vietnamese Canteen’.

Admittedly you won’t be paying canteen prices, but it’s still relatively easy on the wallet. Hanoi Bike Shop encourage sharing, offering a range of fresh dishes that are great for splitting between friends. They also make their own tofu from scratch, and do a great line in Pho – noodle broth, subtly flavoured with herbs and chillies. Housed in the former home of Stravaigin 2, the Ruthven Lane premises is particularly gorgeous in the summertime, cosily hidden away just metres from Byres Road, perfect for an outdoor evening pint and scran.

Don't take our word for it though - check out The Skinny's Food and Drink survey, a democratically decided round-up of the best food and drink places in your region. The survey sang the praises of Hanoi Bike Shop when this year it landed a spot within the Best Restaurant category along with Mother India Café, The Gannet, Ox and Finch and Paesano. Head over to our full list of Food and Drink Survey Winners 2017 in order to get the most comprehensive lowdown on the best place to grab a bite/pint/bag of food shopping in your region. If you've got international fare on the brain (let's face it, who doesn't have international fare on the brain), have a read of our feature on the best world food in Scotland.

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    Hanoi Bike Shop
    8 Ruthven Lane

    Hanoi Bike Shop

    Opening Hours:
    Mon: 12.00 - 23.00
    Tues: 12.00 - 23.00
    Wed: 12.00 - 23.00
    Thur: 12.00 - 00.30
    Fri: 12.00 - 00.30
    Sat: 11.00 - 00.30
    Sun: 11.00 - 23.00

    Phone: 0141 334 7165
    Web: http://www.thehanoibikeshop.co.uk/
    Email: pho@thehanoibikeshop.co.uk