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Henry Chinkaski is a gloriously repulsive womanising barfly. He's also a figment of author Charles Bukowski's gritty imagination, and a perfect character on which to base the theme of a bar.

Chinkaski's is decked out like a drawing room - all green leather booths and plum walls bedecked with art. Bourbon's their speciality, with bottles upon bottles crammed into their gantry; but Chinaski's don't turn up their nose at the rest of the hard stuff - and what barfly in their right mind would? There's a carefully curated selection of bottled beers, premier world draft, and a romantic wee wine list too. You can even nurse your glamorously hungover skull over a two quid Bloody Mary.

If you manage to tear yourself from your Bukowskian internal monologue of cynicism and rage, why not take a trip into the pretty beer garden complete with reconstituted church pews, water fountain and picnic tables? Hell, go the full hog and splash out on a burger or sandwich - you're going to need to line that world-weary gut. A barfly's gotta eat, after all. [Kate Pasola]

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239 North Street
Glasgow G3 7DL


Phone: 0141 221 0061