Black Vanilla

553 Duke Street | Glasgow G31 1DL

Originally touted as Glasgow’s first cereal bar, Duke Street’s Black Vanilla quickly exploded out of that niche to become more of an all-round dessert parlour-cum-candy store. The tiny Dennistoun outlet has an impressive range of sugary snacks on its roster, but it’s undeniably the shakes that have rapidly granted it a kind of cult fandom.

The shakes. Oh, the shakes. These are like if you told your seven year-old he could have whatever he wanted on his milkshake and actually meant it.

Captain Crunch? Sure.

Haribo? Yup.

Candy floss? Don't see why not.

An entire wedge of chocolate fudge cake? Um....yeah!

That’s right, here the term “topping” has been expanded to include entire slices of other cakes. You can top your dessert with a different dessert. It’s like if someone asked if you want pizza on your pizza. And it is amazing.

Beyond the menu of outlandish milkshakes (and, by the way, why are we going beyond them?) Black Vanilla also offers a wide range of weird and wacky American cereals (all of which can also be topped with things like Haribo because there are no rules anymore), old school jars of pick’n’mix sweets, a choice of ice creams that range from vanilla to Irn Bru, and a selection of home-baked cakes.

In general, the whole place feels like a store designed by a seven year-old in the best possible way, and the excited buzz that emanates from the little Dennistoun shop all through the day is a credit to the way it’s tapped into that childish love of all things sweet

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    Black Vanilla
    553 Duke Street
    Glasgow G31 1DL

    Black Vanilla

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