Big Feed Glasgow

249 Govan Road | Glasgow G51 5HJ

Street food became the big thing in Scotland – roaming vans filled with culinary geniuses serving up hot portions of cuisine from all around the world, with an emphasis on comfort food in all its forms. Independent, unrestricted, a little bit punk and driven by a passion for food, the whole style caught everyone’s imagination and led to a huge boom in pop-up eating across the country.

And then folk realised – eating outside, what’s that about? It’s cold and wet there. There are bugs. We are vulnerable to falcons. So now the new new thing is corralling all those wild street food gangs and having them set up shop together inside a big ass warehouse. And that’s exactly what Big Feed did.

Making use of their vast Govan space – every bit as industrial-chic as you'd expect, it sure is a good time to be a warehouse – they’ve collaborated with essentially all the biggest names in pop-up eating and backed them up with live music and DJ sets to create the ultimate indoor street food market.

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    Big Feed Glasgow
    249 Govan Road
    Glasgow G51 5HJ