Beirut Star

450 Paisley Road West | Glasgow G51 1PX
Phone: 0141 427 7277

Beirut Star on Paisley Road West is an unexpected culinary treat. This popular Cessnock Middle Eastern spot has been on the lips of the city’s Southsiders, literally and conversationally, since it opened last year.

The laminated picture menu offers a selection of mezze, grill dishes and house specialties prepared there and then using fresh high quality ingredients. A popular place for takeaways, the dining in section of the restaurant looks almost like an afterthought, with just a few simple tables placed out of the way of the main queuing area, where a steady stream of delivery drivers and diners pop in and grab food to go.

If you can get past these distracting details, then you are in for rich rewards. The best way to attack the menu is a mix of hot and cold mezze dishes for the table, most come in at around £3-5 and are generously portioned. The houmus, surely the best and creamiest available in Glasgow, is a must.

Beirut Star feels like an old school local spot that has been around for years. Refreshingly uninterested in courting the Instagram crowd, they’ve accidentally done just that without even trying; their curvy neon signage and bright Irn Bru orange exterior is too photogenic to resist.


Beirut Star
450 Paisley Road West
Glasgow G51 1PX

Beirut Star

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Phone: 0141 427 7277
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