The Stand Glasgow

333 Woodlands Road | Glasgow G3 6NG
Phone: 0141 212 3389

The Stand is a favourited, long-standing comedy club - sister to The Stand Edinburgh, and most recently Newcastle, too. The Glasgow branch is housed on Woodlands road, just a hop, skip and a giggle from the Great Western Road.

The venue offers an intimate live comedy experience. Not to be missed is Red Raw, their weekly showcase of new comedy, which is regarded as one of the best in the UK. At Red Raw punters can catch various up-and-coming acts, as well as fully-fledged big name comedians hitting the stage. Sometimes the big'uns will be trying new material, but often they swing by as part of a show tour. There's limited seating and the room can fill up pretty quickly if there's someone particularly side-splitting performing a set, so get there as the doors open if you don't fancy standing up by the bar throughout the evening.

The venue is also plays host to numerous acts during the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, held in March each year.

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    The Stand Glasgow
    333 Woodlands Road
    Glasgow G3 6NG

    The Stand Glasgow

    Phone: 0141 212 3389

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