The Modern Institute

14-20 Osborne Street | Glasgow G1 5QN
Phone: 0141 248 3711

The Modern Institute currently comprises two Glasgow locations across Osborne Street and the newer Aird's Lane space. Tucked away in what looks suspiciously like a barn conversion, their Osbourne Street location is the main gallery space. The airy, neutralised interiors are well lit by the sky-light windows and lend themselves well to the innovative, unpredictable nature of contemporary installation. The downstairs gallery provides a generous amount of space and natural light, with a another large window looking directly onto street level that really opens the place up. Upstairs is a smaller space geared more towards the presentation of crafts and smaller installations, as well as a library.

Webster, who runs the gallery, was himself a contemporary of Martin Boyce and other environmental art cronies of the 90s. The Modern Institute still represents a number of these names to this day, and continues to give a platform to Glasgow-based artists. Well worth a visit.

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    The Modern Institute
    14-20 Osborne Street
    Glasgow G1 5QN

    The Modern Institute

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    Phone: 0141 248 3711

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