67 Nithsdale Road | Glasgow G41 2AJ
Phone: 0141 423 3332

 “The Dude may have grown up a bit and settled in the suburbs, but they’re he's bringing the party wherever he goes.” It’s hard to put it better than Lebowskis themselves, with the long-time West End favourite having now established itself as one of the Southside’s sweetest spots with their  Nithsdale Road location.  T

hough it only arrived into the world in 2016, Lebowski’s South is undoubtedly the older brother of the Glasgow pair – a little more matured, refined and clean cut than its rag-tag little bro. Slick black furnishings and clean lines demark the Strathbungo bar’s more sophisticated style, making for a sleeker, more dapper tribute to the Coen’s cult film but have no fear, the soul of the original remains intact inside its stylish new shell – the legendary piled-up burgers and endless White Russian recipes that are the staple of any Dude’s diet are all present and correct, along with the laid-back, good time vibes that are so inseparable from both Jeff Bridges iconic slacker and the bar he inspired.

They might have grown up and moved out but they still know how to keep the plates stacked, the drinks flowing and the party going and, really, isn’t that all any of us can aspire to?


67 Nithsdale Road
Glasgow G41 2AJ


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Phone: 0141 423 3332
Web: http://www.lebowskis.co.uk/glasgow-southside/
Email: hello-south@lebowskis.co.uk