Make Do

95 Hope Street | Glasgow G2 6LL
Phone: 07568 382605

Following the abrupt closure of Chambre 69, there was an unsettling couple of nights when a crowd of young men in fitted caps had no idea what to do with themselves. Fortunately, some of the more enterprising staff at Chambre decided they weren’t going to stand for this, and promptly shifted the Funktion 1 rig into a temporary space on Hope Street, and thus, Make Do was born.

With a capacity of 600 and two main rooms, the venue is actually too large to be sustainable, but it’ll do in a pinch (as is the idea – indeed, some might welcome the extra breathing space). With tins behind the bar, a more than adequate dancefloor, and a decent production set-up for both sound and visuals, Make Do is a fabulous effort, and will certainly be enjoyed up until Chambre 69 find a new permanent home. If nothing else, the people behind Make Do should be thanked for keeping an important part of Glasgow’s club scene alive – La Cheetah’s the kind of sweatbox you may only be brave enough to hit up once a month, and Lord knows we can’t afford to take to the Subby every weekend.


Make Do
95 Hope Street
Glasgow G2 6LL