Paisley Arts Centre

New Street | Glasgow PA1 1EZ
Phone: 0300 300 1210

Housed in a converted 18th Century church, Paisley Arts Centre is a genuinely charming place that really encapsulates the history of its hometown.

Built in 1736, the aged concrete and unadorned arches are a pleasing respite from the modern developments that surround it, and rather well suited to their new purpsose as the shell of the Paisley Arts Centre. Inside you'll find the theatre space, an intimate but comfortable setting, in which a decent spread of entertainment is hosted, including standup comedy, drama, live music and dance parties.

Furthermore, jump to no conclusions when it somes to the refreshments on offer - a converted church the Arts Centre may be, but shy of alcohol it certainly is not. The Haunt Bar and Café is fully licensed and is open not only during shows but also from 9am until 4.30pm, serving up - among other things - a pretty notable draft selection.

Additionally, the huge outdoor seating area is a nice touch for the summer months, while The Haunt Bar and the Arts Centre itself both run a programme of varied events, from which you can expect a pleasing combination of local and touring theatre, live music, stand-up, and cinema.

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    Paisley Arts Centre
    New Street
    Glasgow PA1 1EZ

    Paisley Arts Centre

    Phone: 0300 300 1210