Katinka Bock: Radio Piombino

Past event at The Common Guild

Thu 14 Jun

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For Glasgow International 2018, The Common Guild will present a solo exhibition of work by the Paris-based, German artist Katinka Bock, her first in the UK. Bock works with a range of natural and manmade materials that undergo processes of alteration and translation, transforming materials into objects and experiments into proposals. Bock often takes the peculiarities or context of a given space as a starting point for her work, and her project for Glasgow taps into the history of 21 Woodlands Terrace as a domestic building and the history of Glasgow as a major port, a place of exchange and transaction. Working with both lead and ceramics, her exhibition 'Radio Piombino’ re-imagines the space as a landscape of sculptural elements that transform the building into a "poisoned body”.

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    The Common Guild
    21 Woodlands Terrace
    Glasgow G3 6DF

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