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A member of the prestigious Treasure Houses of England alongside just ten other foremost historic homes in the UK, Harewood House is situated in lavish 1000 acre grounds about half an hour's drive north of Leeds.

Built between 1759 and 1771 for its wealthy land owner Edwin Lascelles, 1st Earl of Harewood, today the house and grounds are a popular tourist attraction both for the remarkably well-kept grandeur of the archictecture and contemporary art displayed within the house, as well as it's stunning gardens — the Bird Garden being a particular favourite — and the array of walks available away from the hustle and bustle of Leeds.

However, Harewood House is also a notable footnote in popular culture; Elton John performed a concert within the grounds in 1999, while part of the land has been redeveloped to become the fictional village of Emmerdale, for the long-running ITV soap. Among the many jewels in Harewood House's crown, is the Harewood House Trust, which aims to promote the study and appreciation of the estate as a place of historic and cultural interest and natural beauty, as well as advancing the education of the public in the arts and the sciences. [William Gunn]



Harewood House
Leeds LS17 9LG

Harewood House

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