Lagom Kitchen

76 Victoria Road | Glasgow G42 7AA
Phone: 0141 237 2424

'Lagom' is a Swedish word translated variously as 'in balance', 'just the right amount' and the poetic, Kerouac-ish 'perfect-simple'. The food concept built around it is something like our own notion of comfort food but with a slightly lighter touch, and it acts as the inspiration for Victoria Road’s Lagom Kitchen.

Its menu is packed with baked goods, breakfast, brunch and lunch plates that all hit that perfect balance between cosy taste and body-happy healthiness. The whole place looks hewn from rough wood and then designed with the economy and style you would expect from the IKEA nation, sprinkled with smartly placed patches of greenery to give the place a homey, healthy, earthy feel.

That eye for design extends to the food, with every dish sculpted upon its white plate in Instagram-ready fashion. Decorated but never decorative, the artfully piled plates and open sandwiches are all bursting with feel-good flavour and packed with nutrition, every little bit of them tailored to please the taste buds as much as the eyeballs.

The sum of it all is a place with a restorative feel – somewhere to go and revive your spirits, fill your belly and achieve a bit of balance before the world starts to shake again.

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    Lagom Kitchen
    76 Victoria Road
    Glasgow G42 7AA

    Lagom Kitchen

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