Juice Garden

23 Renfield Street | Glasgow G2 5AH
Phone: 0141 221 3876

The juice revolution has most definitely reached our shores – it's just a ghastly shame that all too often the hungover juice-cravers of our fine country are reaching out to participate, but are sadly met with bubble-cups of synthetic, pasturised fruit-sludge.

But Juice Garden is different. Juice Garden, Glasgow, is a Mecca for juicers and health-geeks. It's focused on super healthy whole foods, serving up green smoothies, botanical shakes and 'garden sandwiches', all of which feature a cornucopia of superfoods like beets and blueberries, avocado and spinach, kale and carrot. All juices – and there's a huge menu to choose from, all with different nutritional benefits – are made fresh to order, cold-pressed for nutritional benefits (rather than pasteurised) and are served in environmentally friendly packaging. The interior is clean and fresh, all green and white walls with plump beanbags and Astroturf carpets, creating a truly botanical feel. There's space for about 30 zen juice fans to chill, with iPads provided to stay occupied whilst you wait. Thirsty just thinking about it...

Also, If you're thinking of embarking on a wacky Jennifer Aniston cayenne pepper cleanse, it's also worth checking out Juice Garden's tailored cleanse programmes via the website. You can choose a one, three or five day cleanse, and order the appropriate soups and juices with the click of a pre-detox finger. That do you maybe?

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    Juice Garden
    23 Renfield Street
    Glasgow G2 5AH

    Juice Garden

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