Vin Cru

60 Candleriggs | Glasgow G1 1LE
Phone: 0141 553 1786

Taking up the well-appointed corner spot on Candleriggs where Boudoir once stood, Vin Cru has retained much of the previous wine bar’s charm but spiked it with an organic, natural vision.

The prime people-watching seats remain, lining the windows that face out onto the hubbub of Merchant City. Food is provided by the folk behind Dennistoun Bar-B-Que, this time nailing it in the kitchen with a tacos-only menu.

The wines are natural and biodynamic, free from all the chemicals, sugars and preservatives that wine is usually loaded with. This makes them easier on the earth and, allegedly, the body. You might even avoid a hangover the next day.

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    Vin Cru
    60 Candleriggs
    Glasgow G1 1LE

    Vin Cru

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    Phone: 0141 553 1786
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