Pie & Brew

129 Bath Street | Glasgow G2 2SZ
Phone: 0141 221 6789

Imagine if Greggs sold a really great selection of quality beers to accompany your pie.

Then, imagine if it also didn’t have that weird, overbright, mass-produced supermarket feel to it, but was styled in dark wood, pavestone and exposed brick like a cool hipster bar.

Then, what if the pie, rather than being a pre-made, hangover-satisfyingly simple affair was a genuine, home-made, haute cuisine little pastry guy, hand-crafted right to the peak of pie-y excellence?

Then, what if there was a host of DJs and live acts to provide the tunes while you tuck in rather than...does Greggs even play music? Anyway, this is better.

So what you’re left with is something that is in fact nothing like Greggs at all, but is a chic bar playing great music, while serving up an inventive range of tasty pies and a wide variety of craft ales and lagers. What you’re left with is Bath Street’s Pie & Brew.

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    Pie & Brew
    129 Bath Street
    Glasgow G2 2SZ

    Pie & Brew

    Opening Hours:
    Mon: Closed - Closed
    Tues: 16:00 - Late
    Wed: 16:00 - Late
    Thur: 16:00 - Late
    Fri: 16:00 - Late
    Sat: 16:00 - Late
    Sun: Closed - Closed

    Phone: 0141 221 6789
    Web: http://https://www.pieandbrew.co.uk/
    Email: info@pieandbrew.co.uk