Bar Cosmopol

165 Hope Street | Glasgow G2 2UQ
Phone: 0141 221 9130

Here's the thing. Karaoke has become an art which is grossly misunderstood. Usually the reserve of stag guys who, shortly after tying their deep-v allsaints tees into croptops, clamber on stage and fistpump their way through a rendition of "Brohemian Ladsody", this starry-eyed passtime has almost been brought to its knees.

Enter Bar Cosmopol. They understand that lipsyncing in our cars just won't do any more. We need a stage, we need a decent backing track, and we need a cider-soaked cerebral state. The folks at Cosmopol are willing to provide this and more, serving up wicked cocktails and access to a big ol' list of karaoke numbers from dusk till (almost) dawn.

There are even some pretty sensibile house rules in place - because let's face it, if you're going to engage in organised fun, you might as well go the whole hog. No more than two people on the stage (sorry stag bros, your rhapsody withh have to wait), and no potty-mouthing into the mic... unless it's part of the song - in which case, cuss away 'till the cows come home, chicos.

[Kate Pasola]


Bar Cosmopol
165 Hope Street
Glasgow G2 2UQ

Bar Cosmopol

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Phone: 0141 221 9130