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Wed 05 Aug

Entry from 10

'Lars Jan is changing the world – one multimedia presentation at a time' (Modern Painters). Abacus is a baroque presentation delivered by Japanese cult icon Paul Abacus, about the future of national borders, the workings of contemporary persuasion, and our evolving relationship to the screens in our public and private spaces, not to mention our pockets. Influenced by Buckminster Fuller, TED talks and megachurch media design, Abacus features kaleidoscopic data visualisations, dancing Steadicam operators, and the world’s first fully accredited giant panda. Official selection of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and the 2014 BAM Next Wave Festival, New York.

Edinburgh EH9 1PL


Housed in the old ‘Dick’ veterinary School, Summerhall first opened its doors for the Edinburgh Festival in...
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