3-5A Sciennes | Edinburgh EH9 1NH
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Vegan chocolate company Considerit have been doing the rounds for nigh on five years now, proudly taking on Scotland's markets with their animal-free treats since 2012. They've gained somewhat of a following in that time, and such is the demand for their plant-based creations that they've kindly gone and set up shop just a hop, skip and jump from Edinburgh's Meadows.

Their shiny new Sciennes cafe is primarily dedicated to selling their trademark doughnuts, chocolate and – if the weather fares right – even a dod or two of ice cream. Vegan ice cream, you say? "This is 2018," they reply. "Traditional milk can dae one."

Everything you'll find in store is entirely vegan and entirely delicious, their chocolates handmade with a pleasant combination of cocoa butter, soya milk and lashings of love. The team at Considerit have been wonderfully creative with their recipes and an unrelenting desire to keep "challenging perceptions until it becomes the norm."  Their cosy caf is sure to win over a few hearts.

As the Artful Dodger himself might say, consider yourself at home with Considerit Chocolate. Don't mind if we do.

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    3-5A Sciennes
    Edinburgh EH9 1NH


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