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Housed in the old ‘Dick’ veterinary School, Summerhall first opened its doors for the Edinburgh Festival in 2011, quickly establishing itself as one of the most exciting and unique arts venues on the block – largely thanks to a varied programme of experimental work across theatre, visual art, film, dance and literary events, in some ten different performance spaces (including the ominously named Dissection Bar). The Summerhall campus also has over 20,000 square feet for let; be it for long-term tenancy like museum space or arts studios; regular space for dance rehearsals; or as a one-off venue for an exhibition or coprorate event... Or perhaps you've just given up hope that anyone will throw you a lavish surprise birthday party and you're taking matters into your own hands.

It's also our brand new home after The Skinny moved its offices to the Summerhall tech cube. We can confirm that it's a delightful place to live. There are superfood salads, there's a gorgeous courtyard for relaxing when it's a bit sunny, there are exciting far-off echoes from live soundchecks. All in all, pretty damn glorious.

Summerhall describes itself as cross cultural, village-like community where science, the arts and tech can mingle and collaborate, which is a magnificent way to put it. There's a also an on-site craft brewer, Barney's Beers, who produces a specialist Summerhall Pale Ale just for them (and us). Sounds like the perfect way to lubricate your navigation across the many disciplines based within this diverse cultural hub, eh? The bar/cafe is aptly named The Royal Dick – a cheeky wink to the vetinary history of the building – and serves up all manner of sharing platters and specials a in a quirky, inspiring environment.

 Home sweet Summerhall home.

Opening times vary, so gie them a call or watch this space for more info!

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