Top Ten Events Northwest 12-19 Sep: Double Indemnity, Caitlin Rose + Heartless Bastards

Zap by Laura Howarth | 12 Sep 2013
  • Double Indemnity

Top Ten Events Northwest 12-19 Sep: Double Indemnity, Caitlin Rose + Heartless Bastards


As Friday the 13th looms, we're feeling pretty darn lucky to be in the Northwest considering the smorgasbord of events lined up over the next seven days. We start the week with Double Indemnity, a new exhibition pitching up at Cornerhouse that sees us slip into the world of film noir. There's music to please all tastes, with Caitlin Rose bringing an authentic American twang to Manchester, Heartless Bastards providing some garage rock, and SuperByte Festival introducing us to chiptune and-8 bit music. And finally, if it's theatre you seek, the Write Now Festival will be delivering it in bite-sized morsels.


Cornerhouse, Manchester
Sat 14 Sep-Sun 5 Jan, Free

It's that time of year again, when Cornerhouse strips its walls of the now familiar and shocks our senses with a mint fresh exhibition. Say hello to Double Indemnity, a new group installation inspired by Billy Wilder's classic film noir of the same name (pictured). Exploring desire, possession and complicity, the exhibition features two newly commissioned works by artists Ming Wong and Anicka Yi – Wong delivers After Chinatown, a video installation with him decked out like Barbara Stanwyck's character in Double Indemnity, and Yi concocts a new scent for Stanwyck, with base notes of bourbon and, er, sperm-y top notes. For a far better explanation, check our preview here.

The Ritz, Manchester
Fri 13 Sep, 6.30pm, £14 here

Fresh from the End of the Road festival stage, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter Caitlin Rose will be moseying on over to The Ritz this Friday as part of her UK mini-tour. The 26-year-old Americana songstress will be doing her velvety-soft and effortlessly emotive thing, showcasing tracks from her latest LP, The Stand-In, which finds her tiptoeing the line between showiness and subtlety. Whereas you'll be tiptoeing across The Ritz's sticky – yet intriguingly bouncy – dancefloor. Support on the night comes from Andrew Coombes.

The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
Fri 13 Sep, 7.30pm, £8 here

If gutsy garage rock tinged with a unmistakably rock'n'roll vibe is more your thing, your Friday would be well spent in the company of these Heartless Bastards down in the suitably fitting setting of The Ruby Lounge. Hailing from the dizzying heights of Dayton, Ohio the four-piece now reside in Austin, Texas; their musical output over the past couple of years has included their most polished and gem-like release to date, Arrow. Led by the coarse yet captivating vocals of Erika Wennerstrom, we'd file them somewhere between Breeders and Pixies. Basically – go, see!

The Kazimier, Liverpool
Sat 14 Sep, 7.30pm, £10 here

Returning to the UK for the first time in seven years, Giant Drag will be rocking up at The Kazimier in Liverpool (following their show at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Fri 13 Sep, 7pm, £10 here) for a farewell tour. Fronted by foul-mouthed rocker Annie Hardy – troubled and talented in equal measure – her creative output over the past ten years includes the 2003 indie classic Hearts and Unicorns and the much-anticipated Waking Up is Hard to Do, released earlier this year. This'll be your last chance to catch this controversially titled track in a live setting.

Islington Mill, Salford
Thu 12 Sep, 6pm, Free

With a collective middle finger firmly raised towards Russia's outrageously homophobic new laws, Islington Mill is looking towards the positive and asking what a world with Equality Everywhere would look like. For their multi-room exhibition and event, they've invited artists such as Alice Baldwin, Dr Me, Rosanne Robertson and Alex Humphreys to share a personal response to this theme, and when you're all arted out, dance yourself ragged with some help from Bohemian Grove, Wet Play and Trash-O-Rama DJs. The event is free, but donations are welcome – all proceeds go to ALL OUT

HUB footwear: New Perspectives

HUB Footwear: New Perspectives


From the highest skyscraper in Dubai to the South Bridge in Kiev, photographers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov scale them all – without safety equipment – to capture unbelievable new perspectives. Following on from their documentary Roofer´s Point of View, Makhorov and Raskalov are the focus of mini-documentary New Perspectives, in which HUB Footwear follows the duo to their base in Russia, where their love of climbing high buildings was born. In New Perspectives the duo reach new depths and heights, not just by climbing, but by capturing images in the space under cities and surprising viewers with new and unexpected angles. This mini-documentary is one of a series of videos about creative and dissident spirits who see the city from an original perspective. 

Click here To Watch The DocumentarY

Unity Theatre, Liverpool
Wed 18-Sat 21 Sep, Various times, £10 (£8) here

In celebration of saying more with less, the Write Now Festival kicks off at Liverpool's Unity Theatre, showcasing a selection of new one-act plays and offering writers the chance to develop their work through critical dialogue. Day one sees Last Tango at St. Leonards, Guardian Angel and Happiness get a well-deserved airing. Also on the bill for the four day mini-festival are Hoverin' On The Edge, Sting Like A Butterfly and The Road to Skibberbean. We recently caught up with the festival's artistic director, Ian Moore, as he explained the benefits of opening up the writing and rehearsal process, more on that here.

7. NxNw
Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Tu 17 Sep, 11pm, Free (booking required, here)

We could hardly run a mid-September ZAP! without a nod to the latest influx of fresh blood to the city – welcome, freshers! To help y'all get suitably off your tits, NxNw are throwing a freshers’ welcome party that will likely mark the first of many nights spent sweating away in Soup Kitchen’s basement. Taking advantage of their new mid-week late license, seasoned party throwers North by North West will be testing it out on the only folk who can feasibly stay out past bedtime on a Tuesday night without it having an adverse effect on their week and/or health.

The Capstone, Liverpool
Thu 12 Sep, 8pm and 9pm, £11.50 (£8.50) here

Those pioneers of electroacoustic sound-art, MANTIS (Manchester Theatre In Sound) are to be let loose from the NOVARS research centre for an evening of noise-making at The Capstone in Liverpool. In something that’s not quite a performance and not quite a sound installation, the musicians will use technology to manipulate sound across an orchestra of loudspeakers. By removing all visual stimuli associated with a performance, the sound created is able to take centre stage for a purely auditory experience. Cue collective "oooooooh!"

Jabez Clegg, Manchester
Fri 13-Sat 14 Sep, 6pm, £13/£17 (£25 weekend) door

With the weather taking a turn for the worse, the folks over at SuperByte Festival have just the thing to cure your on-the-cusp-of-winter blues. Head down to Jabez Clegg for a two day mini-festival awash with nostalgic vibes and retro gaming, and embrace a whole new music scene – chiptune, who knew? Catch the likes of Anamanaguchi (pictured), 8 Bit Weapon and Sabrepulse alongside big screen gaming tournaments (think Mario Kart, Streetfighter, etc), live visuals and some bleeping awesome workshops, including Atari DJing and building MIDI interfaces.

HAUS Warehouse, Liverpool
Sun 15 Sep, 10.30am-4pm, Free

Now a monthly affair, the Capstan’s Grand Bazaar will be taking to HAUS Warehouse for yet another urban market, cramming in as much home-grown produce as one venue can comfortably hold. As September finds us slipping comfortably into autumn you'll be able to pick up some seasonal items, including arts and crafts, local produce, baked goods, vintage clothes, handmade goods and second hand items, including vinyl and books. Support local businesses, artisans and crafters and grab some unique gubbins while yer at it. 


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